Despite being originally planned for release this summer, 2Awesome Studio's The Bug Butcher has just been given a final release date, now invading your Switch on 8th November.

The game is an "action-packed 2D side-scrolling shoot 'em up" where your enemies rain down on you from above. Something has gone terribly wrong and your super-secret science facility has been infested with nasty bugs; unfortunately for you, playing as the best bug exterminator around, these bugs love nothing more than eating humans for breakfast.

You'll be exterminating those pesky bugs in increasingly hectic waves through 30 levels, blasting them into smaller and smaller chunks that bounce around your screen in predictable patterns. You can customise your gear and upgrade your weapons, and even bring in a friend to play in a local endless co-op mode. High-score fanatics will be pleased to hear that there are online leaderboards, too.

For the performance nerds among us, 2Awesome Games says that the game will play in beautiful 1080p resolution on Switch with 60fps gameplay throughout. You can also play the game docked, in handheld, or in tabletop modes, either with the Joy-Con or a Pro Controller.

The Bug Butcher launches on Nintendo Switch on 8th November, with a 10% pre-order discount going live from 1st November.

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