Since the initial Direct reveal, more information about the $59.99 wireless NES controller pack for the Switch has been discovered. Once again, the news is sourced from fine print located on Nintendo's official website.

If you haven't already spotted it yourself, you might be interested to know the two controllers will be an exclusive offer for members of the Nintendo Switch Online service. In addition to this are two limitations:

Please note: Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers can only be used while detached from the Nintendo Switch system, and only to play NES – Nintendo Switch Online games. Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers can be charged by attaching to the Nintendo Switch system.

Would you have liked the option to somehow play your Switch in handheld mode with NES controllers, rather than just charge them while they're attached to the system? What about the compatibility of these controllers - are you disappointed with the NES game only restriction, or do you think Nintendo has made a logical decision? Could a future patch perhaps change this?

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