If there's one thing 8Bitdo knows, it's retro controllers. Yes, as a company they've dabbled in a few other areas, but on the whole for our money their best stuff is definitely controller-related. They've released countless iterations for countless systems over the years, and now there new DIY range allows you to mod your own controllers for the NES, SNES, and Mega Drive/Genesis to have all the mod-cons you could want, as long as those mod-cons are bluetooth-based wireless communication and Switch compatibility.

We were really impressed with what these kits can do, and even the most inexperienced tinkerer shouldn't have any problems installing the new circuit boards. What's even better is that the entire process is completely reversible, so if you want to go back to playing on your original system with a wire, you can do just that. Check out the video above to see the installation happen in mostly real-time and by an idiot who keeps getting basic things embarrassingly wrong.

If you want to learn more about 8Bitdo DIY, you can do so by ferrying your input device pointer to this link.