Whether you love or hate her, Bowsette is now a popular thing on the internet. Over the past week, the Nintendo community has been sharing drawings of the fan-made character via social media. In case you somehow missed this trend when it originally took off, she is a mashup of Peach and Bowser.

As we previously noted, the creation seemingly originated from Twitter user @ayyk92, who shared a comic strip featuring the character. Apparently, she's inspired by an item set to appear in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe which transforms Toadette into 'Peachette'.

If you happen to be a fan of all-things Bowsette, the video above might be worth checking out. DIY YouTube channel GandaKris has uploaded a video showing Nintendo fans how to create their very own custom Bowsette amiibo. All it takes is a basic Super Mario Peach amiibo, some clay, paint, glue, an oven, and some artistic flair.

Princess Peach 1
Princess Peach 2

Have you been following this recent social media trend? Do you like the idea of Bowsette? Should Nintendo embrace this idea and make it their own? Tell us in the comments below.

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