The roster in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy continues to expand. Leading up to the game's release earlier this month, SNK unveiled Square Enix's Thief Arthur would be added as a DLC fighter.

In the latest trailer announcement, "Skullo Mania" - crossing over from Arika's Fighting EX Layer - has now been revealed as the new DLC fighter, due out on 11th October. SNK is also teasing more guest characters will be joining the line-up at a later date.

Here's a description courtesy of Gematsu:

Skullo Mania is your local hero to save us all! In his normal life he recently found employment as a productive salaryman with his pet dog, pochiro. However, he has been troubled recently by the fact that he has been missing pockets of his memory where he turns into the masked fighter, Skullo Mania. With these mixed feeling he has also discovered new powers within himself. What is to become of our masked hero?!

In similar fashion to Terry Bogart, Skullomania appears to have received a makeover in SNK's latest fighting game. The character first appeared in the 1996 title, Street Fighter EX.

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