Labo Toad

Just in case you didn't find your Nintendo Labo set to be cute and colourful enough straight out of the box, this new Toad-based design could just be the great source of inspiration you need for a new build.

Shared online by @NintenDaan and @japanese3ds, this video below shows off a Kinopio-kun version of the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit (for those not in the know, Kinopio-kun is a green-coloured Toad who acts as the mascot for Nintendo's official LINE social media account in Japan). This custom design replaces the Vehicle Kit's usual steering wheel setup with a fully functioning, drivable Toad. As you can imagine, words can't really do this justice, so check out the video below.

We can't decide whether manually steering a Toad's head is adorable, or nightmare-inducingly creepy, but we're glad the thing exists all the same. The little taps on the head for the horn sound are a lovely little touch, too, and we swear he actually says the word "Labo" at the start of the video. Has he said this all along without us realising?

While we may never know the answer to that one, we did stumble across this video below in an effort to find out. Being the lovely people that we are, we couldn't give up on the chance to let our lovely readers sit back and listen to this soothing music. Enjoy.