Super Mario

Given Nintendo's recent crackdown on emulation, piracy and hacking, it comes as no surprise the company is now seeking an individual who specialises in tightening up security and identifying any vulnerabilities. Nintendo Technology Development - a known hardware division of the company - has posted a new job listing for a senior security software engineer. 

The person will need to be skilled in hacking, reverse engineering and also conducting security reviews of existing software components and subsystems. Below is a full list of responsibilities:

  • Conducting security reviews of existing software components and subsystems
  • Analyzing past security breaches to understand vulnerabilities
  • Using tools such as IDA Pro or a disassembler to reverse engineer malicious binary images
  • Hacking and also implementing formal penetration tests
  • Research, design and development of security technologies such as secure boot, type-1 hypervisors

Nintendo also reportedly intends to expand this division, with more low tier positions said to be opening in the near future. If you think you've got what it takes, you can apply here. The position is located at Nintendo's American headquarters in Redmond, Washington.