As part of the small avalanche of game announcements that came from yesterday's Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Asmodee Digital is set to bring a selection of fan-favourite tabletop games to Switch.

Full adaptations of best-selling card and board games are on the way, adding yet another dimension to the Switch's rapidly extending library of games. We won't have long to wait, either, as these titles will slowly start to roll out from this December.

It seems that this collection of titles will grow as time progresses, but here are the games that were officially confirmed in the Direct:

  • Carcassonne - December 2018 (Featuring solo play, four-player local multiplayer, and future expansions as DLC)
  • The Lord the Rings: Living Card Game - April 2019 (Story-driven quests can be played alone or with a second player)
  • Pandemic - March 2019 (Play solo or with four-player local multiplayer, with individually priced DLC expansions available, too)
  • Steve Jackson's card game, Munchkin, and hugely popular Catan also announced, with details expected to follow

Considering the console quite literally has a 'Tabletop' mode, perhaps this announcement really is "perfect for Switch"?

Will you be joining some friends for some tabletop fun? Let us know below.