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Today's Nintendo Direct showcased a slew of new characters coming to Mario Tennis Aces, alongside a brand new game mode.

First, four new characters were revealed to be joining the roster as part of the Version 2 Update. These four characters include:

  • Birdo (All Around)
  • Shy Guy (Technical)
  • Koopa Paratroopa (Technical)
  • Petey Piranha (Powerful)

These four characters can be unlocked through online play, with more characters confirmed to be coming between now and June 2019.

A new Co-Op Challenge mode was also detailed during today's presentation. The Co-Op Challenge will feature limited time online missions, rewarding new outfits and colour variations for certain characters. One of the examples shown of this during the Direct was a blue variant for Shy-Guy, along with new outfits for Chain Chomp and Boo.

The Version 2 update, containing the four new characters and co-op challenge, will be available beginning September 19th, so grab your tennis shoes and get ready to hit the court!