The recently approved Nintendo 64 trademark

Back in July 2017, we reported on the fact that Nintendo had recently filed a trademark application for the Nintendo 64 controller in Europe, leaving fans dreaming of the possibilities of an upcoming Nintendo 64 Mini console. Now, new information has come to light which shows that the trademark has finally been accepted, and it's pretty easy to be convinced that the miniature system is indeed on the way.

Let's kick things off with the application itself. The trademark has been filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, clearly showing a black and white image of an N64 controller (which you can see above). This trademark was "registered and published" on 30th August 2018, after having its application originally received on 18th July 2017.

Of course, trademarks are resubmitted on a regular basis for all manner of reasons, as companies such as Nintendo keep on top of their precious property, but the design of this particular application appears to be giving the game away. The image below shows another recent trademark of a NES controller - once again in a black and white, simplistic style. This trademark was also submitted through the EUIPO and has already been published.

A very similar NES trademark

So where's the link between these designs and Nintendo's new range of miniature consoles? Well, take a look at the packaging of this controller for the NES Classic. Right there, sitting comfortably on the top of the box, is the very same simplistic NES controller design (and it's the exact same situation for the SNES Mini, too). Could we end up seeing N64 Mini boxes using a similar layout? It certainly seems like a strong possibility.

As with any case like this, until Nintendo confirms that an N64 Mini is - or isn't - in production, it's impossible to be certain. The signs are certainly pointing towards a new release, though, and we'd put our money on it becoming a reality in the not-too-distant future. Of course, with Sony's recent announcement of its own PlayStation Classic, it would be amazing to see the two consoles battling it out in stores once more.

Do you agree? Can you see an N64 Mini hitting the market over the next year or two? Feel free to share your opinions on this one below.