Just last month, we reported on the news that Inkypen - a brand new subscription service that allows for comic book reading on Switch - would be launching in November. Squeezing in just ahead of that release is a direct competitor under the name of Izneo - a similar app that has been described as "the Netflix of comics".

The app - which is dedicated to comics, mangas, graphic novels and Webtoons - will become available on Switch in October. Already available on computers, smartphones and tablets, the Izneo player will allow Switch owners to access and purchase their favourite content from the app's catalogue.

This catalogue features thousands of digital comics, all of which will be available to read both online and offline. Titles include Hellboy, Aliens, Buffy, Doctor Who, Blacksad, Largo Winch, and Valerian, not to mention the odd piece of gaming-based literature like Assassin’s Creed.

Izneo2 Cropped

Luc Bourcier, CEO of Izneo, has said the following:

“We are proud to bring the Izneo reader to Nintendo Switch and offer the best comic books reading experience to gamers. Nintendo’s console is the perfect platform for comic book reading. From gamer to reader the gap just got a little bit smaller!”

The timing of this new launch seems almost too convenient to be a coincidence; InkyPen's recent announcement caused a good deal of interest among Switch owners thanks to being the only thing of its kind on Switch. It appears that InkyPen adopts a monthly subscription model, whereas Izneo simply sells books for set prices - your reading and purchasing habits may dictate which of these platforms is best suited to your needs.

Are you excited to see new apps like this hit the Switch? Would you use your console for activities other gaming? Let us know below.