Virtual Console

Remember when Reggie said that Nintendo Switch Online was the Virtual Console's replacement? Turns out he might have been economical with the truth in that regard, as one clever devil has discovered that the Switch eShop JSON (JavaScript Object Notation, in case you were wondering) contains references to 'Virtual Console', as well as several key formats, including ‘SNES’, ‘Game Boy’, ‘Game Boy Color’, ‘Nintendo 64′, ‘Game Boy Advance’ and ‘Nintendo DS’. Gosh.

None of the categories listed have any items attributed to them at present, which would make sense as the Virtual Console isn't yet a thing on Switch.

But will it ever become a thing? Could these references merely be a carry-over from the 3DS era, which has the exact same categories listed in its JSON? Or, if we're being really optimistic, is Nintendo planning on bringing the Virtual Console to Switch after all? Post your hopes and dreams in the comments section below.