A new My Nintendo listing on the European version of the site has revealed that users of the service will soon be able to redeem vouchers towards the recently revealed NES controllers for use with Nintendo Switch Online.

If you've missed the news, these new controllers are designed to work specifically with the new Nintendo Entertainment System portion of the Switch Online service, which offers a library of classic NES games for your enjoyment (if you're a paying member, of course). You get two controllers in a box, and the standard price is currently set at a pretty hefty $59.99.


If you're hoping to save some of your lovely moolah - and just so happen to live in one of the lucky, chosen regions - then these vouchers are definitely for you. With £1, £3, and £5 - or €1, €3, and €5 - variants available, the vouchers can only be spent towards these controllers (although orders for the controllers are still yet to go live). Here are the links and info you need:


The link to purchase the controllers themselves (and where you'll be able to redeem your vouchers) is here. Bear in mind that the link is not currently accessible, and is expected to go live as soon as orders become available. Keep checking back and trying this link if you're desperate to get your hands on them.


It would appear that other European territories all have their own unique links (we had some success accessing the Portuguese page for the vouchers here). Make sure to log in to your account on the My Nintendo website for your region, and navigate to the 'news' section to find them.

As mentioned above, these controllers can only be purchased by those who have signed up to the Nintendo Switch Online service - if you're not planning on purchasing a subscription, make sure you don't treat yourself to one of these vouchers as you won't be able to spend them anyway.

For those of you in North America, it would seem that these vouchers are not currently available in any form. Pre-orders for the controllers have gone live in your region, however, and you can check them out right here.

Do you plan on getting yourself a pair of these controllers? Or are you happy enough simply playing with your Joy-Con? Let us know below.