For the first time ever, Flyhigh Works has released an express broadcast with English commentary. Following the previous live stream held in August, this latest video included new game announcements for the west and more details about specific releases in Japan. 

Below were some of the highlights:

  • New footage of DEEMO Labo support, due out in late October globally. 
  • Cytus α for Switch arrives worldwide in 2019 and will feature updated visuals and over 200 songs.
  • Slime Tactics, from the same developer as Ambition of the Slimes, announced - this game adds a new twist with teams of slimes being used to fight big enemies. It's targeting a Winter release and will be playable at Tokyo Game Show. 
  • Recipe management sim Daihanjou! Manpuku Marche: Gourmet Story will launch on Switch eShop in Japan this winter.
  • Mantis Burn Racing is getting a retail release in Japan this December.
  • NES-inspired adventure game Alwa's Awakening by Elden Pixels is being published in Japan this winter. 
  • Ise Shima Mystery Annai: Itsuwari no Kuro Shinju development has moved from 3DS to the Switch eShop and will be released later this year. 
  • A physical Switch version of Shovel Knight will be published in Japan this year.

Take a look at the full Flyhigh Express above and tell us if you're excited about any of the games featured in the broadcast. 

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