Flyhigh Works held a live broadcast on YouTube announcing multiple Switch games for Japan and also revealing entirely new titles coming to Nintendo's hybrid system in the near future.  

New games included mobile clicker sequel Captain StarOne (out this October), 2D action-adventure TRANSIRUBY (a 2019 release from the developer of Fairune and Kamiko), puzzle side-scroller Obakena Fune to Takaramono (scheduled for Fall 2018 - no confirmation on platform) and the shooter, Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. (on target for November). The previously announced role-playing game with lifestyle and crafting elements - Pictonier - will also be made available on the Switch and 3DS in the near future, with a release date not yet announced. 

FlyHigh Works Image

Other games that got some screen time during the presentation included:

If you're curious, you can view footage of the new games in the FlyHigh Express YouTube presentation above. These titles are revealed around the fifty-minute mark.

Are you a fan of Flyhigh Works? Did you like the look of any of these games in the broadcast? Tell us below.