Alwa’s Awakening is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch, with a new release date of 27th September now confirmed for the title.

We've been keeping an eye on this one for a while at Nintendo Life - the game was originally intended to be released on Wii U before eventually shifting to this release on Switch, and its entire soundtrack was even released on a NES cartridge. Thankfully, this new release date confirmation means that Nintendo fans will finally be able to play the game on console after its initial Steam-only launch.

Alwa's Awakening has you using your magic staff to progress through a large interconnected world where you'll be solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and defeating bosses in order to help free the land of Alwa. Players can explore and uncover the game's secrets by using platforming skills, all wrapped up inside a "charming" 8-bit adventure.

Here's a quick list of game features to give you a little more info:

- A challenging adventure platform game
- Use the magic staff to solve puzzles and defeat enemies
- Find and unlock upgrades to your items and abilities
- Explore a large interconnected world
- Listen to a catchy 8-bit soundtrack with over 25 original tracks
- All-new Assist Mode - Turn on/off item locations on map and enable instant respawn

The Switch edition arrives on 27th September with a price tag of $9.99 / €9.99, becoming the first time the game has launched on console with a lovely 60fps performance and HD Rumble enhancements.

Will this one be going on your Switch wishlist? Let us know with a comment below.