Awake me up before you go-go

Yesterday saw the announcement of Alwa's Awakening, a gorgeous NES-style platform adventure for "modern systems" which takes inspiration from 8-bit gems like Battle of Olympus and Solstice - and, if we're lucky, it could be coming to the Wii U.

The work of Alexander Berggren, Kevin Andersson, Mikael Forslind and Robert Kreese, Alwa's Awakening is currently 15 percent complete, but is already looking pretty fantastic. Work began in October last year, and the game's official site gives some additional insight into how it came to be:

The story of how Alwa's Awakening came to be started in the autumn of 2014. After spending an evening at a friend's house playing NES Mikael started dreaming big about making his own game. Problem was – he had never made a game before. He realized he had to think this through and find people that could help him and step one was to get his thoughts down in a game design document. He started and within a few days there was a 14-page document detailing pretty much everything.

The plan was to first attract a pixel artist so the game mockup would look good. He sent the document to Alexander; a pixel artist he had heard of that he knew was really talented. Alex liked what he saw and said yes to do the graphics for the game. Great success! With a design document and a pixel artist on board it wasn't that hard to convince Robert Kreese to do the music for the game. Mikael had known Kreese for a couple of years since they both worked as organizers on RSM, which is the largest Retro Convention in Scandinavia. Now the team was almost complete! He just had to find someone to actually program the game…

If you don't really know that many programmers where do you turn? Twitter of course! A tweet was sent in both Swedish and English and by asking some prominent retro personalities it was reached by quite many. A few hours and many tweets later a few people had show interest but the most promising and interesting person was sitting just a few desks away. Mikael's co-worker Kevin jumped on board the project and suddenly we had a whole team!

There's no solid release date at present, and the team hasn't decided which "modern consoles" it will launching it on. GoNintendo has been told that the team would love to bring the game to the Wii U, but the 3DS - which would perhaps be a better fit - isn't likely, as the game is built in Unity and Nintendo's handheld doesn't support it.

Would you like to see this faux-retro experience on a Nintendo system? Let us know by posting a comment below.