The 1994 competitive disc throwing arcade game Windjammers will be released on the Nintendo Switch later this year. The announcement was made during the Windjammers Global World Disc Throwing Championship at EVO 2018.

The Switch version is the same as other modern versions of the title, featuring a number of enhancements including online multi-player support.

In an email interview with Twin Galaxies, DotEmu's CEO Cyrille Imbert said the title was an ideal fit for Nintendo's system:

Windjammers is a two button game so that makes it perfect for what the Nintendo Switch offers in terms of portability and local multiplayer.

In terms of how online plays, Imbert explained:

Windjammers is a perfect game for online competition, so it just made sense to implement it and how to do it. For the online multiplayer rules, we applied the ones that were used for community tournaments in arcades and gathered feedback and opinion from the best players in the world.

Based on existing releases of the modern version of Windjammers, there are five game modes, online play, six characters, six environments, unlockable mini-games and reworked HD menus.

Take a look at the announcement trailer above, and tell us if you're excited about this game eventually arriving on the Switch.