Ice Climber

Whether you know them from their original 1985 NES game Ice Climber, or simply as playable characters in the Super Smash Bros. series, the Ice Climbers are a very popular cult duo among Nintendo fans. Despite this, Nintendo has shown no sign of releasing a new Ice Climber game, so fans have started taking matters into their own hands.

The video below shows a fan-made project which is billed as a prototype for a reboot of the series. Taking inspiration from the original game, this prototype shows how a modern take on Ice Climber could look if it was created in Unreal Engine 4, with a charming cylindrical level design sitting in place of the usual 2D backdrop.

With the franchise being so quiet for such a long time, it's hard to imagine Nintendo giving Popo and Nana another shot, but this video makes us want to see a fresh take even more. If you're reading, Nintendo, we're eternally ready for more Ice Climber action.

Would you like to see Ice Climber make a comeback? How would you like a new Ice Climber game to play? Let us know down below.