Tiny Hands Adventure, a 3D platformer featuring a little blue T-rex, is headed to Nintendo Switch on 10th August.

Players will join the young T-rex Borti on his quest to find the best replacement for his tiny hands and arms. There are several unknown worlds to explore, lots of collectables to find, and several bosses that need to be taken down to get what you want.

- Beautiful 3D graphics
- Collect different tools and weapons for Borti and use them ingame! From sticks, through compact drills to mechanical arms and more
- Fight with bosses - the elemental keepers are waiting for you to show up!
- Slide, roll or jump your way to victory
- Visit over 20 stages, set across multiple location themes
- Try yourself in challenging mode after completing a stage and finding all collectables
- Find out how the story unfolds!

The game has that classic N64-era 3D platforming vibe, much like the relatively recently released Yooka-Laylee, no doubt hoping to play with people's nostalgia for the 'good old days'. Whether it can live up to those lofty heights remains to be seen, but it isn't long until you can try this one out for size on Switch.


Will you be adding this to your list of potential purchases next week? Drop us a comment down below to let us know.

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