Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Remember Mega Cat Studios? Well, they've joined forces with another major name working in the 'new-retro' biz - Rose Colored Gaming - to create some pretty unique NES cartridges which will no doubt have hardcore collectors reaching for their wallets (or mulling the sale of a kidney).

Carts emblazoned with the names Alwa's Awakening, Little Medusa and Log Jammers recently landed on our doorstep, which would be reason enough to be pretty happy - but what makes these releases truly special is the way in which they're presented.

Each cartridge has been lovingly crafted and is totally unique; for example, the Log Jammers cart is actually made from wood, while the Alwa's Awakening one (which is the soundtrack to the game, rather than the game itself) has jewels inset in the rear panel. In short, these things look gorgeous and are likely to become very collectable; the fact that they actually function when inserted in your NES almost feels like a bonus.

The cost to you? Well, these things don't come cheap. Little Medusa and Log Jammers cost a cool $125 each, while the Alwa's Awakening soundtrack cart costs $100. But still, can you really put a price on something so amazing? Just imagine what they'll be worth in years to come. $125 is a steal, to be honest - at least, that's what you can tell your partner when they stumble across your bank statement a month later. Ahem.