Snake Pass

Despite the widespread industry push for digital releases, there’s still plenty of demand for physical video games. Since the arrival of the Switch, a number of publishers have specialised in converting small-sized eShop games to physical releases. The London-based team at Super Rare Games are one of these publishers striving to bring collectors the very best physical content to the Nintendo Switch. The latest news is Sumo Digital’s 2017 title Snake Pass will receive a physical makeover:

While on the topic of physical releases and Super Rare Games, sales for the Mutant Mudds Collection go live on the website next Monday. There are only 4,000 copies available, so be sure to get in quick if you want a copy. 

Would you be interested in a physical version of Snake Pass? Have you bought a digital copy of the game yet? Are you eager to get your hands on the Mutant Mudds Collection by Super Rare Games? Tell us below.

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