The Switch's user interface has some fantastic little bleeps and bloops that play as you move around the home menu, change settings, and load up the eShop. Our particular favourite is the sound that plays when you click on your profile - the little two-note whistle, and then a second (usually slightly delayed) two-note whistle that follows, have us playfully humming along even now, 17 months after the console's release.

So what happens if you mash all of these sounds together, use various amounts of pitch shifting and other musical tweaks, and then record layer after layer of the different sound effects on top of each other? YouTube user Reagan Burke has done just that using just a Switch and a Teenage Engineering OP-1 - a portable sampling synthesiser. You can check out his whole process below.

The full, final song can be heard at the 7:37 mark if you wanted to skip through, and the sounds have taken on quite the transformation. It's a powerful little piece of kit, and this kind of musical sampling technique is commonly used in sound design practices, but hearing the Switch's sounds being played like this is rather wonderful. In fact, we wouldn't put it past Nintendo to use a similar, self-appreciating technique for the soundtrack of a post-game Mario level. Lovely stuff.

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