Despite the controversy surrounding its initial marketing campaign, Rainway - an application which allows you to stream HD gameplay from your PC to a supported platform's web browser - is apparently still in the works for Nintendo's console.

We first heard about Rainway back in April 2017, just after the Switch's launch, where the app was described as an "upcoming program that allows you to play your favourite PC games on nearly any device". The Switch was among the devices listed in the app's official PR, and was heavily featured in a trailer that appeared sometime later.

Despite this, the console hasn't been mentioned as an option for the app since, and when Rainway's beta went live in January, it wasn't supported on Nintendo's console. Fans were naturally upset to discover this, as the Switch was used so prominently in the app's marketing efforts, with some feeling that the handheld device had been used as a lure to spark people's interest.

Months have passed since this online debacle, however, and Rainway has now said that the app is still on the way via Twitter. The tweet mentions that "stuff like this takes time to sort out", so perhaps the app will come in due time.

Are you still holding out for the app to release on Switch? Would you like to see it be supported, or has the hype faded over time? Let us know your thoughts on this one with a comment or two below.

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