Pacman Arcade Arcades Background

Games and movies accessory maker Numskull Designs has partnered with Bandai Namco to release the first in a series of 'Quarter Arcades' exclusives - the Pac-Man Replica Cabinet.

This officially-licensed, fully-playable, 1/4 scale replica stays true to the original arcade cabinet design, with everything from its artwork, button and joystick sizes, and coin-mechanism shrunk down proportionately for an adorable version to keep all to yourself. The cabinet aims to give you an authentic arcade experience that can be conveniently played around the home, or even just safely popped up on a shelf to admire for years to come.

These will be available as 'collector's editions', with 10,000 units expected to be released worldwide. Each cabinet stands at 16.92 inches tall, contains the original arcade ROM, and has been "made for durability, playability, and portability". If you're interested, here are all the nerdy tech specs you'll need to know:

- Height x 430mm – Width x 160mm – Depth x 210mm
- 5 inch full-colour TFT screen with 4:3 ratio
- 3-watt built-in speaker with volume control
- Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for portable use
- Micro USB powered (1.8m cable included)
- LED backlit marquee banner
- Reverse air vents with wire mesh
- Replica wooden shell with metal details
- 100% accurate emulation running the original arcade ROM on a bespoke emulator

How much will one of these cabinets set you back? £150. The pre-orders have already gone live for worldwide buyers, with shipping estimated to begin in December 2018. Three more releases - for Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, and Galaxian - will also be released in 2019.

Would this be the perfect addition to your home? Are you considering buying one? Let us know down below.