Pac-Man (NES)


Bandai Namco


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User Ratings: 59

Our Review: 7/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Release Date


  • Oct 1988
  • 1993

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • 14th May 2007, 500 points
  • 13th Apr 2007, 500 points
  • 17th Apr 2007, 500 points

3DS (3DS eShop)

  • 21st Nov 2012, ¥500

3DS eShop

  • 29th Nov 2012, $4.99
  • 28th Feb 2013, £4.49

Wii U (Wii U eShop)

  • 2nd May 2013, £3.49
  • 2nd May 2013, $4.99
  • 15th May 2013, ¥500
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    Pac is back!

    When Pac-Man hit arcades in 1981, it was a phenomenal success. Spawning clothing, cereals and even a hit song, the game took the world by storm. It saw a rash of home console and personal computer releases during the 80s — some better than others — but it wasn't until the NES release in 1985 that the game finally saw a replica close...

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    Ghost gobblin' on the go

    If you were to ask one hundred people to make a list of the most classic video games of all time, you shouldn't be surprised to find Pac-Man on every one of those lists. It's an unrivaled masterpiece of gaming simplicity, an experience that involves nothing more than moving endlessly around a single maze, yet which somehow...

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    Gobble gobble

    He may be as old as the hills but Pac-Man still manages to entertain after all these years. We've been relying on one of those Namco 'plug in' TV games for my pill-popping fix, but thanks to the Virtual Console that battery-hungry gadget can be retired. For those not acquainted with the premise of the game — what cave have you been...

About The Game

Move Pac-Man through the maze, avoiding ghosts and eating all the Pac-Dots. Beware though, each of the ghosts behaves differently!

When Pac-Man chomps a Power Pellet, he becomes invincible, and is able to eat the blue ghosts. The more ghosts Pac-Man eats in a row, the higher the score. Don’t forget to eat the bonus fruit, too!

Released in 1980, Pac-Man is the most well-known video game in the world. In 2005, “Pac-Man” was acknowledged as the “Most Successful Coin-Operated Game in History”. Enjoy this masterpiece of gaming history today!