The new 3DS game WarioWare Gold had just two days to make an impact in NPD's video game sales charts for the month of July. In the end, Wario wasn't even able to make it into the top 20 best-selling games of the month, and on the 3DS chart, placed third behind Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Like Switch sales, digital sales were not included in this case, but apparently physical sales still account for more than 50 percent of new game purchases. 

Although The NPD Group doesn't provide exact figures, as Venture Beat points out, this is not a promising sign for Wario's latest entry in his micro-game franchise given the huge 3DS install base globally. Despite the aggressive marketing campaign from Wario himself - including hijacking Nintendo's Twitter account and sending out his own PR - it sounds as if at this rate he won't be raking in any money after all. In saying this, the game wasn't released until 2nd August in Japan and 3rd August in the US, so there's still hope. Otherwise, it could be time for Wario to make the Switch.

Tell us in the comments if you picked up WarioWare Gold on release, or if you would prefer to see the greedy and rude anti-hero make his way across to Nintendo's latest device. 

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