Today's Indie Highlights presentation has revealed that competitive shooter Morphies Law will be available on Nintendo Switch from today.

Originally announced for Switch back in August last year, Morphies Law is a 4-on-4 shooter with a unique twist. In the game, each weapon hit steals you 'mass', making you grow and your enemy shrink. Whichever body part you manage to hit is affected; land a headshot and your opponent's head will shrink, while yours simultaneously grows.

This can have a huge impact on the game itself; if you take some hits and shrink down, you can use your tiny body to hide in secret passages, ready for an ambush. If your body is huge from dealing lots of damage, you'll be an easy target for other players. It sounds incredibly exciting, and we really don't have long to wait.

Yes, Morphies Law launches on the Nintendo Switch eShop today, 20th August, at 6pm BST / 7pm CEST in Europe. A North American release time is yet to be confirmed.

Will you be trying this one out for size?