Fitness Boxing

During the month of July, Nintendo's latest financial results made reference to Imagineer's upcoming title, Fitness Boxing. Prior to this, the original announcement revealed the Switch game would follow on from the Shape Boxing series on the Wii, and would reportedly use the Joy-Con to simulate intensive boxing exercises. We also found out the title would be published by Nintendo in every region outside of Japan. 

Now, a rating for Fitness Boxing on the Australian Classification Board has appeared. Despite being rated "G" - which is suitable for everyone, there'll be very mild violence and nudity. Overlooking this, it's a sign Fitness Boxing might not be far off a local release. It also roughly aligns with the game being released in Europe and North America this winter. 

Fitness Boxing Rating

Would you like to throw some punches on Switch? Do you think this could be an adequate replacement for older exercise games? Tell us in the comments.