My Little Riding Champion

Toplitz Productions and Bigben have joined forces to bring My Little Riding Champion to PC and consoles this autumn, with a Switch release coming "at a later date".

Described as being "dedicated to the many horse lovers out there", My Little Riding Champion is set to offer players the ability to play as their own character, manage and train their horse, and explore a vast open world together, all while taking part in many horse-based competitions. We think the game's PR says it best, so here's a snippet of what the title's all about.

"For horse lovers, riding is more than a sport, it's a way of life. Bonding with your animal, the joy of caring for it and the return of trust and appreciation, the sense of freedom and the intensity of competition make horse riding a unique discipline."

While we're yet to receive a release date or gameplay trailer, we do have a couple of screenshots and a feature list for you to enjoy:

- Many different horses to choose from
- True horse management, from daily care to emotional bonding
- A large number of customization options
- An open world encouraging to be explored during many long rides
- Many competitions and rewards

My Little Riding Champion
My Little Riding Champion

Are you, or is someone you know, a horse lover? Will you be keeping an eye out for this one in the coming months? Let us know if it's a "yay" or "neigh" in the comments below.