Luigi's Mansion

Poor Luigi, he met his maker in the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, but it seems he is actually alive and kicking... Not only that - he's even bustin' ghosts to boot!

We're really looking forward to getting our hands on the remastered Luigi's Mansion for 3DS; this GameCube launch title is a bit of a fan-favourite, and for newcomers who enjoyed its 3DS sequel Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, it will be fun to see how the spooky series got started.

This updated version of the game includes the same classic adventure we all love and remember from the GameCube days, but with some juicy added features. The 3DS' touchscreen can now be used to view the mansion map, and a new 'Gallery Battle' mode, exclusive to this remake, gives Luigi the ability to re-challenge boss ghosts that were defeated in the game.

With all the Gamescom happenings this week, Nintendo has revealed that Luigi's Mansion for 3DS will hit the shops just in time for Halloween. Players in North America will be able to get their hands on the game on 12th October, with Europe following just a week behind on 19th October.

Let us know if you plan to pick up this spooktacular game in October with a comment below.