Luigi Dead

At the beginning of the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, Luigi fell victim to Death himself. This occurred during a sequence revealing Castlevania's Simon and Richter Belmont would be new playable fighters. Following this event, Mario's brother wasn't seen for the remainder of the Direct, which led to viewers raising concerns about his wellbeing. 

Nintendo addressed the incident on its UK VS Twitter account in a single tweet:

As Game Informer reminds us, this isn't the first time Nintendo's killed off prominent characters to introduce a new Smash fighter. DeDeDe was arguably turned to dust by K. Rool in the same trailer, and Mario and Mega Man were taken out during Ridley's big reveal

Luigi's grim fate has raised a few more eyebrows than usual because he was on the receiving end of Death's scythe, followed by a scene showing his spirit parting from his body. To be fair, though, at the end of the trailer it looks as if his spirit is about to revive his physical form before being interrupted. 

Luigi Dead 3

Were you at all traumatised by what happened to Luigi in the latest Smash Bros. Direct? Do you think it's an overreaction like the coloured chairs that were spotted during the broadcast? Tell us below.