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Since the release of Octopath Traveler on the Switch, there have been plenty of positive headlines about how well the game has sold. It's performed so well, in fact, developer Square Enix previously issued two apologies after underestimating the game's popularity in Japan. Many local JRPG enthusiasts were unable to secure a physical copy because of the shortages - with no other method of acquiring the game other than a digital download via the eShop. 

Last we heard, one of the largest video game and electronic retailers in Japan got a restock of the game, only for it to sell out in three hours. Now, in the latest update, the game just got another restock in Japan. Once again, due to the high demand, there simply wasn't enough copies to go around as Yodobashi Camera sold out. Meanwhile, Amazon Japan doesn't get its next shipment until 13th August. On the plus side, this makes Octopath Traveler the highest selling game right now at both Yodobashi Camera and Amazon Japan. 

Have you got hold of Octopath Traveler yet? Are you still searching for one? How are you enjoying the game? Tell us below.

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