You may remember that, just last week, Octopath Traveler developer Square Enix issued an apology after underestimating the game's popularity in Japan (a region in which the company is also acting as publisher). Many Japanese fans were unable to secure a physical copy of the game thanks to stock shortages, with Square Enix having little choice but to mention the possibility of downloading the game from the eShop instead.

Over the weekend, Yodobashi Camera, which is one of the largest video game and electronics retailers in Japan, saw a small restock of the game. Unfortunately for Square Enix, or fortunately - depending on which way you look at it - the game sold out again in just three hours, causing the studio to send out this tweet. Essentially, the message here states that more games will be shipped when possible and politely reminds fans once again that they can download the game instead if they are happy to do so.

It's certainly an impressive launch - the game actually ended up shifting 90% of its initial shipment in Japan - and we're hopeful that players will be able to get their hands on a copy soon if they haven't already.

Have you been enjoying the game so far? Have you had any struggles in locating a copy in your region? Let us know with a comment below.

[source nintendosoup.com]