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Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Retro-Bit is doing an excellent job when it comes to keeping the past alive, and has already released a couple of welcome compilations for the NES and SNES.

However, the company has really outdone itself with its latest project, which features limited edition versions of Irem's R-Type and Holy Diver, for the SNES and NES respectively.

The two editions - both of which are limited to 2,900 copies apiece and are available to pre-order from Castlemania now for $59.99 - come packed with goodies. As well as the games themselves (which come in full retail packaging with a colour manual) you get a score of exclusive items.

With R-Type Returns - which contains R-Type III and Super R-Type on a single cart - you get some art prints featuring the work of anime artist Otaking77077 (you might remember him from that amazing R-Type anime), a limited edition pin set and a notebook, a sheet of stickers and that all-important numbered certificate of authenticity.

With Holy Diver, you get some art prints, a pin set, notebook and a certificate of authenticity.

Will you be ordering these? Let us know what you think of Retro-Bit's efforts to keep these old games alive by posting a comment below.