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Dead Cells is a beautifully designed game, so how about a special book to go with it? The Heart of Dead Cells book, produced in collaboration with the game's developer Motion Twin, is part "making-of" and part art book. It offers a plethora of illustrations and exclusive behind the scenes information about the game's universe, story and gameplay which has been uncovered through exclusive interviews. 

Here's the rundown about the book and the publisher behind it:

- Author : Benoît "ExServ" Renier
- 200 pages
- 220 mm x 310 mm
- hardover
- luxury paper
- text in english
* Release on February

Founded in 2015 by two experts from the videogame book market, Third Editions is dedicated to the analysis of the greatest sagas in the history of video games, deciding to approach these titles as cultural works in their own right. For three years, a new work analyzing in detail the universe, the ideas, and the mythologies pertaining to the great sagas has been published every month.

The Heart of Dead Cells: A Visual Making-Of, as noted above, arrives February 2019, with the collector edition priced at $39.90 and the regular edition priced at $34.95. The collector edition also includes an exclusive cover drawn by Gwenael Massé, who was an artist on Dead Cells, and a dust jacket with the original cover on it. You can order both books from Third Editions directly.

Dead Cells Book

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