Wired Productions has now announced a final release date for the futuristic combat racer GRIP: Combat Racing. The game will be drifting its way to Switch and other platforms on 6th November.

Inspired by the Rollcage games of the early '90s, GRIP will see racers hurtling their way around 22 tracks across a variety of hostile and foreign worlds, driving one of 15 armoured cars. Some of these are swift and agile, while others are brutish and heavily armoured. Players must be merciless, deploying a bristling arsenal of 9 outlandish weapons and power-ups to give them the advantage in the race. These weapons will allow players to not only target other cars, but also the destructible environments surrounding them.

We've seen little snippets from the game over the last few months, with a trailer for the game's 'Carkour' mode and a glimpse at an early build of the game running on Switch, and things have been looking very impressive indeed. This could well be one to keep an eye out for when it arrives later this year.

Wired Productions has also announced that those who pre-order through GameStop in the US will receive the exclusive Nyvoss Hex Paint Kit, the Vortex Rim Pack, and five pre-order exclusive vehicle decals. No details have yet been shared on whether or not these extras will be available in other regions.

Are you excited for this one? Let us know if you plan to pick this one up for Switch with a comment below.