Wario's hijacked the eShop, Nintendo's Twitter account and even issued his own press release in celebration of WarioWare Gold arriving on the 3DS. Overall, it's been an effective way of reminding everyone games are still actually being released on the system. 

Now, website Gaming Reinvented reports an equally as naughty dataminer has uncovered unused content in Wario's new game in the form of an early version of Penny's intro cutscene. There are a series of early sketches by the game's character designer, Ko Takeuchi, that have been improved upon as development progressed. 

Here's exactly what 'Ehm' from The Cutting Room Floor found:


A video has also been released illustrating what the hand-drawn sketches look like in motion: 

It's surprising how content such as this has been discovered so soon in a new release when earlier this week we heard about the existence of a beta version of Bowser's Castle in Mario Kart Wii that took a decade to reveal. 

Did you pick up or download a copy of WarioWare Gold on release? Have you at least tried out the free demo? Tell us below.

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