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It was a pleasant surprise when Nintendo originally made the Hori Pokkén Tournament DX Pro Controller compatible with multiple other Switch games - enabling the use of it in the likes of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and even Sonic Mania. In general, it's been praised for its quality build that is ideal for fighting games and platformers, despite the obvious limitations.

For anyone with a large library of games on Steam, you might be pleased to hear Valve has now added official support for the Hori Pokkén Tournament DX Pro Controller. To use the wired USB controller on Steam, all you'll have to do is update your client to the latest version and then plug it into your PC. Again, the controller is perfect for fighting games and platformers, particularly of the 2D variety. This isn't the first controller for the Switch to be added to Steam, either. In May this year, Valve added support for the Switch Pro Controller.

Tell us in the comments if you'll be making use of Hori's Pokkén controller on Steam. 

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