Players have found yet another interesting way to play and build with Nintendo Labo, this time creating their own game of laser tag.

Miyuki and Ran, two incredibly creative Japanese players, have designed and created various props and Labo settings to create a fully-working game. The pair used Labo's Toy-Con Garage to have their Joy-Con controllers communicate with each other via their infrared sensors and emitters. Not content with that level of simplicity, though, Miyuki and Ran also crafted handmade NES Zappers and Mario hats to house the Joy-Con, and the Switch is used to record any successful hits to knock down each players' health bar.

It's nice to see Labo still being used to great effect, and it's also another reminder that Nintendo's cardboard creation is a wonderfully creative tool. We expect to see more and more projects appear that even Nintendo couldn't have ever imagined, and hopefully the 'Big N' is taking note for future Toy-Con releases.

Now then, how do we get this set up at Nintendo Life HQ?