Since the launch of the Switch, Nintendo has worked tirelessly to spread the word far and wide about its existence. With the system’s mainstream exposure crucial to its ongoing success, it only seems natural for Nintendo to continue getting the brand out there in any way possible. This includes the continued promotion of Nintendo Labo.

In what can be seen as a mutually beneficial arrangement, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé - along with other stars including the mayor and even baseball players - have joined forces with the Seattle Police Department to help out with its lip-sync battle music video.

The clip, based on the Macklemore’s 2015 hit song “Downtown,” plays out much like the actual video, with plenty of bike riding and dancing. Reggie can be seen very briefly at the 2:30 mark playing the piano from Nintendo Labo and is supported by an officer in the background on a cardboard guitar. Given Nintendo's presence within the area, it's not all that surprising to see Reggie make a guest cameo. 

The music clip was made in response to a challenge from the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia. Seattle joins law-enforcement agencies across the US participating in the lip-sync battle, which started back in June.

Take a look at the video above and tell us in the comments if you’ve been jamming out with Nintendo Labo in recent times.