Parents are notoriously bad for being sentimental. Whether it’s watching Monty Python, playing Tetris on the Game Boy or buying sweets by the ounce, I often catch myself getting more excited about introducing my children to the things I loved from my childhood than actually creating new memories with them - and I’ve had one of those sentimental moments with my family recently.

We’ve really loved discovering new experiences on the Nintendo Switch. My son played Zelda: Breath of the Wild to death, and we all love Super Mario Odyssey - in fact, we love it so much we spent one wet weekend making a Mario stop-motion together

However, I mentioned Nintendo Land in passing over dinner and their eyes lit up like saucers. They had, it appeared, forgotten how good the ghost hunting, hiding, seeking and shooting were until I reminded them.

They wanted to play it again right away. This took a little time as I had (and I’m not quite sure why) packed my Wii U away when the Switch arrived. Digging it out the loft I also found Wii Sports Resort, complete with some custom Table Tennis controllers. This set off a whole new level of nostalgia, more for me than my kids. The Wii gets a lot of stick these days for its waggle-based gameplay and it's easy to forget just how groundbreaking it actually was at the time; it felt like a real revolution (pardon the pun) in gameplay terms and, after what feels like a lifetime away, I got that same pang of excitement when I started playing classic Wii titles recently.


That was a good four weeks ago, and we are still regularly playing Wii Sports. I’ve also broken out Zelda: Twilight Princess for my son who played it with me when he was just a few years old. Well, I say “played with me”, in truth, he held an unplugged GameCube controller so I could play without him pestering me. I'm nothing if not a model dad, me.

I think Nintendo are missing a trick here, particularly with Nintendo Labo. Surely it’s the perfect time to release Labo Sports, and let us fold and colour in our very own cardboard tennis rackets, golf clubs and bowling balls? I’d gladly pay through the nose to play Wii Sports Table Tennis on the Switch. Perhaps, for now, Mario Tennis Aces will scratch that itch.

What classic Wii games do you think Nintendo should Labo-ize on the Switch?