Nintendo UK has launched a brand new series on the Nintendo Labo UK YouTube channel that will provide fans with weekly content on everyone's favourite cardboard and gaming mash-up.

The new hosts of the channel will be there each week, delving deeper into each of the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con, sharing ideas, hints and tips, and launching exclusive competitions. Tom, Jamie, Frankie and Nimmerz will take you on a journey through the main principles of Make, Play and Discover, hopefully inspiring you or your friends and families to make your own creations.

Of course, Nintendo recently announced the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest for Europe, which is looking to find Europe’s greatest Nintendo Labo creations and customisations from 19th July, and a brand new video from Tom and Jamie has now appeared to provide you with all the details you'll need to enter.

Have you been letting your creativity run loose with Nintendo Labo? Hopefully this new series will help you if you're feeling a little stuck.