Nintendo has just revealed a new Labo adventure will arrive on 14th September for the price of $69.99. The Nintendo Labo: Toy-Con 03 - Vehicle Kit contains materials to build a variety of customisable Toy-Con, including a car, submarine, plane, pedal and two keys. Once constructed, these cardboard creations provide access to a variety of fun games and activities.

The kit includes a physical copy of the Labo Vehicle software as well as the following parts and materials:

  • Cardboard sheet x 25 (includes extra sheet for customization)
  • Reflective sticker sheet x 1
  • Sponge sticker sheet x 1
  • String x 1
  • Grommet set (gray) x 2
  • Grommet set (red) x 2
  • Rubber bands (large) x 3 + spares
  • Rubber band (small) x 12 + spares

Here's the official PR: 

Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit will unlock even more ways for people to make, play and discover together, as they speed through races, battle cars equipped with extendable arms and explore a mysterious world. Each vehicle features its own controls and special moves, and with the second Key, players can even invite a co-pilot along on their in-game journey. Interacting with the assembled Toy-Con creations instantly translates into in-game actions to create a truly immersive experience – from pulling the cord on the Car to pop a wheelie, pushing the button on the Submarine to launch a grappling hook and so much more.

As with every Nintendo Labo kit, Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit includes its own unique Nintendo Switch software designed to work with the included Toy-Con projects. Enjoy the fun of making each Toy-Con creation, playing immersive games with them, discovering how they work and even inventing new ways to play. All materials needed to complete each Toy-Con creations are included – no glue, tape, or scissors required!

The possibilities of Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit can be expanded even further with Toy-Con Garage. This intuitive and interactive programming tool is included with every Nintendo Labo kit and features a simple, visual interface and handy tutorials designed for players of all ages. Toy-Con Garage encourages players to experiment with the Toy-Con creations they’ve built or craft their own original designs using handy household items like paper cups,stickersand ribbon. With Toy-Con Garage, the possibilities of Nintendo Labo become almost limitless – players of all ages can enjoy hours of inventing, tinkering, crafting, playing and enriching fun.

Nintendo Labo originally arrived on the Switch in April with the release of the Toy-Con Variety Kit and the Toy-Con Robot Kit. The Vehicle Kit is the third pack to be announced. Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said the company was excited to offer fun gameplay experiences with the latest kit and was looking forward to seeing the Nintendo Labo community continue to grow. 

Are you excited more Nintendo Labo kits are on the way? Will you be picking this one up on release? Tell us below. 

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