Italian indie developer Fantastico Studio has revealed that its synthwave-styled, sci-fi shoot 'em up Black Paradox will be making its way to Switch later this year.

In the game, you play as Black Paradox, a fierce bounty hunter who must defeat the biggest criminal organization in space, The Hellraisers. The game blends old-school shoot ‘em up elements and roguelike mechanics across seven levels of random generated enemy waves and hazards, presumably taking away the technique of learning each stage's layout as you play.

Each level will feature its own boss, each with different and unique attack patterns. The more you advance in the game, the more the bosses will start to attack using 'bullet hell' patterns. There are also many different weapons and powerups that are available to collect, aiming to make each run through the game that little bit different. Here's a full, and lengthy, feature list:

- 18 deadly weapons!
- 17 handy powerups!
- 11 deadly drones, little helpers that pack a lot of punch!
- A space bending ultimate move, the "Black Paradox", so powerful that the main character got his name from it.
- 50+ different enemies all with its own attack patterns!
- 7 deadly bosses with unique attacks.
- A growth system to give the player more powers while upgrading his stats.
- Integrated control support for all kinds of controllers!
- 2 player local co-op.
- Amazing pixel art.
- Original Synth-Wave soundtrack by the trio Inward, Hanzo & Randie

The game is just about to launch through Steam Early Access (on 27th July) and will be making its way to consoles after that. A Switch release is currently expected to land in September and a free demo for PC is available right now.

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