Last weekend saw the Mario Tennis Aces pre-launch tournament take place, with players being able to test out the game and unlock a special prize while doing so. While most players took to the likes of Twitter to boast about their scarily high scores, a smaller corner of the online community has noticed a much more upsetting feature of the game.

For those of you who played as Yoshi, and also ended up losing a fair few matches like us, you may have noticed his heartbreakingly sad 'losing pose', which you can see for yourself below. Warning: this image has been rated 'IS' for 'irreversibly sad'.


The upset, confused, and even angry comments surrounding the matter slowly started to stack up over the weekend, such as this tweet below.

There has also been a 'sad Yoshi' discussion taking place on Reddit. User R_O_BTheRobot noted "this is heartbreaking. Especially since I love Yoshis," and TickleMittz chimed in by saying "omg this makes me sad because I've loved Yoshi since I was like 4 years old."

The best of the bunch, though, comes from SankharaDukkha, who said:

The other characters look a little disappointed or frustrated when they lose, and that's fine, but Yoshi looks like you just crushed his entire sense of self worth. I've never seen a more dejected-looking dinosaur in my life. I honestly dread playing against Yoshi now, simply for this reason. The guilt is just too much. Yoshi seems like such a good sport the rest of the match; why does he take losing so hard?

Did you notice Yoshi's overly upset losing pose? Did you break down in tears every time? We've never wanted to adopt him more.

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