As you might have heard, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection was recently released on the Switch. We gave it a nine star rating, touting it as an “utterly essential purchase” for any fan of the series or the fighting game genre. Capcom looks to be continuing celebrations of the anniversary with the retrospective series. The latest video focuses on Street Fighter III and can be viewed above.

The 15 minute video discusses how Street Fighter III wasn’t readily embraced on release, but was still praised at the time for its intricate art style during an era when 3D fighting games were beginning to take off. It also makes mention of the larger character roster, technical fighting system and how the game takes place at the end of the timeline – occurring after the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. The second part of the video looks at Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - Giant Attack and Street Fighter III: Third Strike - Fight for the Future

If you want to watch the previous retrospective videos or view any extra 30th anniversary Street Fighter content, be sure to visit the official channel.

Have you bought the 30th Anniversary Collection yet? Is Street Fighter III one of your favourite games in the series? Tell us in the comments.