Image: @epee415

We see a lot of artists take on the world of Pokémon here at Nintendo Life - just a quick ponder online will bring up dozens of super-talented people getting their masterpieces down on paper - but we don't usually see anyone using Rubik's Cubes.

These images, uploaded by Twitter user epee415, show the awesome art pieces you can create with an awful lot of patience, floor space, and budget for plastic toys.

It's certainly a very different creative angle and one that we find strangely impressive. We can't solve a Rubik's Cube at the best of times so being clever enough to form them into art would be near impossible.

If you're wanting to try this yourself at home, though, make sure to have a long think about where you want to place your masterpieces. Doors are not your friends.

Do you make any Nintendo-based art? What is the most ambitious thing you've ever created? Feel free to share your crazy creations with us down below.

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