Niantic has announced 'Friends' for Pokémon GO - a new feature for the game that will finally allow players to trade their prized Pokémon with one another.

Scheduled to start rolling out to players later this week, Pokémon GO Friends will allow you to connect with your real-life friends and keep track of their adventures in the game. You’ll be able to send them items and earn bonuses on top of the Pokémon trading feature.

To become friends in Pokémon GO, players will need to share Trainer Codes (which act just like friend codes on Nintendo consoles). Once you've invited another player to become your friend, they can then accept you and you’ll see them in your Friends List. Having friends will be beneficial for all players; spinning Photo Discs at PokéStops and Gyms will provide you with a chance of receiving a gift that you can pass on to your buddies, and these can even include an egg containing an Alolan form Pokémon.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 15.01.59.png

To trade Pokémon with a friend, you'll need to be standing close by and be at Trainer Level 10 or higher. Completing a trade earns a bonus Candy for the Pokémon you’ve traded away, and that bonus can increase if the Pokémon you traded were caught in locations far apart from each other. All trades are powered by Stardust, and some trades require more Stardust than others. Legendary Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon, or a Pokémon not currently in your Pokédex, all require a Special Trade to complete, and these can only occur once per day with a 'Great Friend' or 'Best Friend'. 

Trading is a feature that players have been asking for since the game first launched, so we're glad to see that it's finally made its way into Pokémon GO. Will you be checking out this feature when it arrives later this week?

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