Data East fans rejoice because Flying Tiger is bringing yet another unmissable classic to Nintendo Switch - 1991's Two Crude Dudes! It's coming to the eShop next week on 5th July in North America, although retro fans in Europe will have to wait a little longer for a solid release date.

Know as Crude Buster in Japan, this spiritual apocalyptic sequel to Bad Dudes is equal parts beat-'em-up and grab-'em-up, with neither enemies or the environment safe from a good grapple. And if all else fails, just grab the other player and use him as a impromptu throwing weapon. If you were lucky you might have stumbled onto the excellent Sega Mega Drive conversion back in 1992.

This Johnny Turbo release will set you back $6.99. Will you be grabbing these dudes next week?

[source nintendo.com]